Sunday, October 11, 2015

It's The Final Countdown...

Let me start by saying the people above are some the greatest, most caring and supportive individuals I have ever met. Ever since I started running with CRC and now with CRC's charity group, L2R, I have felt welcome, and supported ever step of the way.  I am so glad I made the decision to start running with CRC  last January when I was looking for a training program for my first marathon.  The coaches at L2R are funny, knowledgeable and a fun loving bunch and I feel like they have my back when it comes right down to it. I know they will be there cheering me on in the end when I need it. 
 Jill... we got this. We may hurt and think we are dying at some point during this race but  we got this. We've trained hard and maybe not always smart but we have put in the time and I feel like we will finish strong. I know you'll be there in the end to shove food and alcohol in my face and maybe pick me up off the ground.

 This past Sunday we had our end of the year party where award were given out for top fund raiser, most practices attended. It was also an opportunity for me to shove my face full of carbs. I walked away with the prize for top fundraiser and being the first to reach $500 so I have a lovely 80 minute massage and wine tasting for 4 to enjoy! Thanks to everyone who helped me to raise over $1400 for Habitat for Humanity Mid Ohio.

Let's talk about tapering................ It's killing me. I feel like I can't set still and I want to eat everything. EVERYTHING!  Yes, I have extra time now that I'm not running 30 + miles a week. I've been trying to fill that time with doing some fun things with the kids. We've went to pumpkin patches, carnivals, movies.... doctors appts.  Ok that last one's not fun,but a string of different plagues have hit my  house in the past few weeks and we have spend a lot of time in the doctors office as well. I'm really REALLY hoping that it ends soon though. I'm tired of seeing my babies sick.
I tried taking these two clowns out with me to slow me down on one run. It worked. Pushing close to 80 extra lbs plus having to listen to the Frozen and Lego Movie soundtrack blaring from the speakers in your stroller will really slow a person down. A lot. 

We are down to the week before my race and I am excited, nervous and scared all in one. I have worked on getting to this point for over a year. I expect I will get a bit emotional when it comes right down to it. I look forward to crossing that finish line. Picturing that finish line has gotten me through some really tough runs. I can't wait to come back here and tell the story of my first marathon. Yes my first... I'm already looking at my second and possibly 3rd  next year.  I'm excited I have my new friend, Emma, who I get to run for now.  I'm happy that I am able to run this for her since she is not able. Know that you will be in my thoughts along those 26.2 miles, Emma, along with all those people that have help me get where I am.  You are all my heroes. 

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