Sunday, June 26, 2011


I have a lot of ideas for 4th of July pictures but since I have no sessions booked for my ideas to come to fruition I decided to grab few photos of my guys chillin in the back yard with some of my picnic goodies and props.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ruins at Tulum...

Ahhhhhhhh the beautiful ruins. I can say that now that I look back at the photos, but at the time I was just flippin hot! It was such a miserably hot day and the kids were not happy to be out in it. I just kept snapping picture after picture in hopes of enjoying the beautiful scenery later. I wish we could have spent some more time there but it was pretty much impossible with the kids and heat.

The Kiddos Abroad...

Well I am 31 and May 14th was the first time I had ever stepped on a plane. My kids, Gabe 4 and Jackson 6 months have not traveled to another country, making them officially cooler than me.
:-) Here are a few pics from their Mexican excursion... Trust me, there will be many more posts on the subject of Mexico. I edited over 200 pictures!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Haught.

While I didn't get to take any pics during my sisters beautiful beach wedding, I did grab a few while she was getting ready and after the ceremony. Here is a grab bag of shots from the Tulum Mexico wedding on May 18th. It was so much fun and she was such a beautiful bride. Oh, and what Mexican wedding wouldn't be complete without a photo of the bride and groom on a mechanical bull?

Baby Jailyn 1 Month Old

This pretty girl was pretty resistant to all my sleepy baby techniques. She did not want to cooperated for the sleepy baby pictures I love to get with my newborn photos. Granted she's a little older then most newborns I would photograph but she's so tiny. At 4 weeks she's still smaller than my baby was as newborn :-) Finally for our last shot in front of the window, she decided to close her eyes for a few short minutes so I could grab these cute pics.