Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Bump In The Road...

This past week was a hard week. My middle child, Jackson come down with a stomach bug last Sunday and he couldn't shake it.  He ended up in the hospital on IV's and them doing tons of testing on him trying to figure out what was wrong.  There were some other things we need to still follow up on but I am hopeful that those will all work out in the end. We still don't know what it was he had but I can tell you that was the scariest thing I've ever been through as a parent. I always knew Jackson would be the one to do me in. 

 Jackson spend 4 days in the hospital trying to recover from this virus that he had. Needless to say we got little sleep. On Saturday I decided to go ahead and do my long run for the week. Since I am tapering now, it was only 14 miles. I didn't plan on doing the whole 14 since I was dehydrated, exhausted and hadn't eaten well in days. I figured the run would help clear my head and make me feel normal for a little bit. It did. I felt weightless for the first 10 miles. I felt blissful and peaceful until the week started to catch up to me.
 By mile 11 I was dragging and had to stop and walk some. I pushed through it though and ended up feeling more positive about things after that. I thought about my poor sick kid  laying in the hospital and with every step I was wishing him healthier. I know he didn't care that I was running for him but it helped push me further than I felt that I could go.
Running therapy is a wonderful thing. You may not always feel like running but once you start, you'll never regret going out for a run.

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