Tuesday, August 11, 2015

I Like Big Socks and I Can Not Lie!

Socks! Socks! Socks! Socks! Socks!  Everybody!

Ok, ok..... But Seriously.  As some may know, I'm an ambassador for a company called Crazy Compression. As an ambassador I get to do awesome things like GIVE AWAY A FREE PAIR OF AWESOME CRAZY COMPRESSION SOCKS!  Yep! Fun stuff.  So I thought it was high time I had my first giveaway.  The winner will get to pick a pair of Crazy Compression  compression socks or sleeves from their website. www.crazycompression.com !

 Here's what you need to do:

1. Subscribe to my blog! Easy

2. Go to Crazy Compression's Facebook page and like them!

3. Comment that you have subscribed to aforementioned blog on this post.

***Extra credit for anyone who shares this blog on Facebook!***

I will be picking a winner next Tuesday the 18th around 9:00 PM.

Be Crazy... Be Cool!


  1. I think I did it all right. Congrats on all your success. It motivates me to get moving.

  2. Well crappers...how do you apply for your blog??? LOL!

  3. Replies
    1. Jen, You need to view the web version to subscribe. If you are on a phone, scroll to the very bottom and click View Web Version and on the right hand side of the web version of the blog you will see an option to subscribe

  4. Keep living the dream us running mom's got to stick together! :-) And as always the ultimate goal beat jared go team! :-).

    1. #beatjared !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a tat for you if you want one... I may have ordered just a few :-Y

  5. Just liked! Hoping to rock these awesome designs at my next race :)

  6. Amanda I am so proud of you and Barry for your determination to stay fit through running, you guys are doing a fabulous job. Those compression socks have come a long way since I wore them when I worked. They are simply adorable I must get some to complaiment my workout attire. Lol. Anyway, keep up the good job of staying fit, best wishes on all your goals.

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