Sunday, August 2, 2015


So recently I was reading a post on about famous people who have completed the 26.2 mile run and lived to tell about it.  As I was reading the article I saw that "Subway Jared" had ran a marthon in 5 hours 13 minutes 28 seconds.  Upon seeing this one thing became clear to me........ I MUST BEAT JARED!  So, there you have it.  My marathon goal is essentially 5:13:27  :-)

My new saying is now #BeatJared. I will use that to push me to my end goal. I will write it on my arm. I will say KEEP FRESH in my head over and over until I cross the finish line.... well, ok, probably not that but the point is, I have a goal to aim for. I have something ELSE to push me to keep going. I even wrote my new mantra on my wrist during my training run this weekend. (DON'T JUDGE ME!)

 In all honesty, I'll be happy just to finish the marathon in under the cut off time of 6 hours but, in the unlikely even that I do finish in under my goal time, you will see me straight up ugly cry. I feel like I have been training forever for this race, even though it's only been a matter of months. I keep picturing the finish line in my mind when I start to struggle on a run. I pretend I'm running in with energy left and I feel emotional and proud of what I've done.  In reality, it may not play out this way but I will try to keep positive, happy thoughts about the big day.

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